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It is a service for the deaf and hard of hearing that makes life easier.

What is Deaf Virtual Assistants

Deaf Virtual Assistants (DVA) is an online system that supports sign language and deaf culture.

Our global goal is to transform the hearing loss community. More than 7000 deaf clients use our products and services in 47 cities.

We have World's Best Software Solution for Deaf Communities which makes the deaf person totally independent to make it alone at the job, school, visiting the doctor, institutions, etc by having access to a translator 24/7 in person or AI App.

DVA employs people with the same characteristics as you. We use new technologies and therefore live comfortably, without limiting ourselves in anything.

We are ready to support you in any situation and find the right solution to make your life more convenient.

We do not just sell goods but develop a whole community that you can join when you become our client. And we are also for privacy - we do not disclose customer data and do not track mobile data.

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Deaf Virtual Assistants is happy and proud to present our online catalog, which is filled with over 900 items and has been designed specifically for your special needs. Our dedicated staff of professionals has devoted a great deal of time and effort to bring you what is the most complete and comprehensive online product catalog of its kind. We hope that you will find it informative, interesting, and easy to read.

We understand our customers because we have many of the same needs you do. DVA is owned by Virtual Assistants SH.A. and operated by individuals who are Deaf, Blind and Autistic. We also hold on-site training workshops for the disability group in conjunction with certain organizations, offering the deaf marketable skills that they can use to attain gainful employment.

DVA has been an established special-needs provider for over three decades. In that time, we have evolved into the world’s leading provider of adaptive products, products for independent living, and products designed to enhance your lifestyle simply by making your everyday tasks easier.

Look to DVA when you’re in need of any special needs item. Why? Because we listen to the people who matter the most… our customers! We base our ever-growing, ever-changing line of products on what our customers need and want. Use the “Contact Us” option at the bottom of every web page to send us your ideas and suggestions. We love hearing from you!

When you’re ready to place an order with us, you can do so through our website, or by calling our number. Friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to give you the quality and professional service you deserve.

Our mission is to become your one source for all your independent product needs, by offering you the lowest prices on the largest selection of products, while giving you the best service! We have set our goals and standards high because of you… our loyal and dedicated customer.

We are here for you!



Conveniently synergize team driven deliverables without high-quality e-services.

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Conveniently synergize team driven deliverables without high-quality e-services.


Hearing Care

We carry a variety of hearing care products for your personal comfort.

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