Anti Scald Device for Showers

Help prevent dangerous burns from scalding hot water. Simply screw onto your existing fixture!

Features of our Anti Scald Device

  • Color: Chrome
  • Activated at 117 degrees F
  • Item # 0201 attaches to a shower head


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Anti-Scald Device – TAFR

When you turn on the hot water in the shower it will gradually get warmer and warmer and can sometimes get too hot. Our Anti Scald device will ensure the water stays at a safe temperature so you don’t have to worry about scalding. This automatic temperature control technology is an must for homes and apartments that have scalding water. This shower anti-scald device ensures your loved ones are able to shower in comfort if the water gets too hot or increases temperature suddenly from a flushing toilet or other change in your home.

The technical term for these Anti-Scald Devices is TAFR or Temperature Activated Flow Reducer. These automatic temperature control devices are easy to install and screw-on to standard plumbing fixtures. Once you have installed the temperature controlled device, it will automatically turn off the water if the temperature gets too hot. Install one at every shower head and put your mind at ease, knowing that the chance of an accidental, severe burn is now greatly reduced.

In the later stages of the disease it is much harder for an Alzheimer’s patient to communicate discomfort. As such, they may experience pain, but be unable to tell anyone or react properly. These anti-scalding temperature controlled device for showers work automatically to turn off the flow of water at the shower head in the event that the water temperature becomes too hot – no more scalding showers.

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