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Features of our GPS Tracker Watch

  • World Wide Coverage: Cellular coverage for the device is US, Canada, and Mexico. The smartphone application can be used wherever Internet access is available.
  • Size (H x W x T) : 44.4 x 52.5 x 13.4mm
  • Weight: 56g
  • Device Communication: Cellular, Bluetooth, & Wi-Fi
  • Cellular Network Compatibility: 4G/3G
  • Wi-Fi Tracking Capability: YES
  • Time, Day & Date Display: Change the digital face to the format that is the easiest for your loved-one to read and understand (NEW)
  • Battery Life: 24-30 hours
  • Locking Clasp: YES, add as an option if the wearer tends to remove clothing or jewelry
  • Durable Strap: Made out of black TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane plastic). To ensure durability, the strap is not changeable
  • Two-way Voice with simultaneous tracking: YES
  • Water Resistant: IP67 Rated. In short, It will definitely survive a quick splash in the bathroom or shower and even a quick dip in a toilet or sink. It will also be protected against accidental table spills and will be able to withstand the rain. While poolside splashes are OK, you can’t take an IP67 gadget swimming or diving with you.
  • Magnetic Induction Charge: YES
  • Over the air software upgrades: YES
  • GPS Location Accuracy: 3m (10ft)
  • Indoor Locating: YES
  • SOS/Panic Alert Button: YES
  • Multiple Simultaneous User Notifications: YES
  • Text & Email Alerts: Smart Phone Alert Notification Integration
  • SOS Button: YES
  • Geofence (multiple) exit/enter/both: YES
  • Low Battery Alert: YES
  • 24 Hour Professional Monitoring: Optional
  • On-Demand Location Request: YES
  • Airplane Mode: YES
  • Tracking History: YES
  • Certifications: FCC
  • Contract: NO, cancel at any time
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included
  • Activation Fee: NONE, when purchased from us
  • Now available in two wrist strap lengths!

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GPS Tracker Watch and Tracking Communication Device for Elderly


The Theora Care™ remote monitoring system provides a complete personal tracking device solution to keep caregivers and their care recipients connected, informed and communicating. Theora Connect™ combines a watch, pre-activated cell phone, two-way voice interface (no button pushing required) and a GPS personal tracker in an attractive wristwatch which provides direct communications for enhanced peace of mind for caregivers and their care recipients. Theora Connect comes with OUR Theora Link™ EXCLUSIVE FREE App for caregivers. The Theora Link smartphone app provides caregivers with notifications for location, status updates, alerts, low battery and direct communication with their care recipient.

The Theora Connect GPS watch has been specially designed for tracking the elderly living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Great for anyone with other forms of memory impairment such as Parkinson’s, PTSD, Autism, stroke, etc. This GPS location watch has all the attributes of a tracker, with hands-free 2-way communications and geo-fence technology to set safe zones for routine activities such as being home, or going to doctor’s offices or stores.

The Theora Connect GPS Tracker Watch by Theora Care is a lightweight, comfortable and non-clinical looking watch your care recipient will enjoy wearing. The watch displays time in either analog (with normal sweeping hands) or digital numerals to indicate the time so that as a person’s memory regresses, they can be more comfortable reading time in an analog format as they have always done. This GPS wandering device connects directly to an easy-to-use smart phone app that keeps the caregiver connected. The effective 2-way voice communication acts like a speaker on a cell phone. It can assist in providing verbal instructions or communications to the care recipient or persons near them.

Theora Connect is water resistant – easy to take off for a shower or swim; it can be splashed but should not be submerged. Theora Connect by Theora Care comes ready to use out of the box, pre-activated, with the time set to the delivery time zone. All your care recipient needs to do is put it on!



There is a monthly subscription required with the wearable to provide full functionality which includes GPS tracking, geofencing, hands-free calling and more! The monthly service fee is $29.97/month, and will begin once your account is set up.
Please watch the instructional Tutorial video below to fully understand the benefits of our Theora Care’s GPS Tracker & Theora Connect!


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