One-Way Drinking Straws – Set of 5

The straw is rigid and features a One Direction valve at the bottom of the straw. This means the valve is not visible when it is in use and also prevents it from being removed from the mug when used with the cap. The benefit of the One Direction valve is that once the fluid is at the top of the straw, it won’t flow back down again.


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The straw and valve can be separated and cleaned for multiple use.

Although the straw is made from a rigid plastic, it can be curved to a shape if required simply by warming the straw with hot water and applying gentle pressure where the bend is required.

Reuseable One-Way Drinking Straws | Set Of Five

Our One-Way drinking straw is constructed for seniors and people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Emphysema, COPD and others suffering from shortness of breath. The One-Way straw stops the frustration of using a common straw.

TIP: If you do not have enough breath to take the liquid product into your mouth on the first try, you can simply take another breath and the fluid in the one way straw will not be released. IT WILL NOT GO BACK DOWN THE STRAW. Then on the second (or third) breath, it will easily release into your mouth. NO MORE STRUGGLING WITH EATING THROUGH A STRAW.

Find One Direction drinking straws are a vital enhancement to any glass or mug for anyone who has difficulties using a mug in the usual way. Used in conjunction with the cap, the One Direction straw is held in place by the cap. (We’ve all chased a straw around the top of a cup or glass before now!)

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