PeaPod Mats – Waterproof Bed Mat

The best mattress protector for incontinence. Silent and reusable!

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Features of PeaPod Waterproof Incontinence Mat

  • 100% WATERPROOF = Bed Sheets and Mattress Dry
  • NON-SLIP, GRIPPY BOTTOM = Stays in Place
  • EASY TO USE = For All Ages! No Need To tuck/wrap/strap to Mattress
  • REUSABLE = 300-500+ Washes! Save Money and Reduce Carbon Print
  • BREATHABLE = TOP to BOTTOM to Prevent Skin Irritants
  • SOFT COTTON TOP = Comfortable to Sleep On with NO Crinkle Sound or Cold Vinyl/Plastic Feel
  • HASSLE FREE = NO Special Washing Instructions
  • PORTABLE = Roll Up and Take with You
  • VERSATILE = Protects Other Surfaces Beyond the Sheets and Mattress
  • SIZE GUIDELINES: 3×5 – High mobility, co-sleeping, double to larger size bed 3×3 – Limited mobility, smaller surface needing protection (sofa, chair, wheelchair, etc..)
  • WEIGHT: 3×5 (2.5 lbs); 3×3 (1.3 lbs)
  • ONE PEAPODMAT per package
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Breathable/TPU Waterproofing

Peapod Mats – Waterproof Bed Mat

The recreated bedwetting/incontinence mat that is unlike any other waterproof sheet protector on the market today!

Difference? The Peapod Mats are: REUSABLE, high in QUALITY, BREATHABLE and SOFT to sleep on with no crinkle sound or cold vinyl feel. Easy to use, place on top of the bedding sheets with no velcro straps, no tucking, or wrapping around the mattress needed. The mat’s brushed bottom grips the bedding sheets keeping it in place. Peapod Waterproof Mats are used by all ages and for all types of needs. No more changing wet sheets nightly, Peapod Mats gotcha covered!

Using the Peapod Mat, people with dementia get back into bed faster and ultimately enjoy a better nights sleep. Why? Because the mat is 100% waterproof and slips off the bed with ease. Put another one on and patient is back in bed quickly. Peapod mats can be machine washed 300-500 times

Mats come in chair size as well and are easily transported so they can be used when traveling in a car, bus, train or plane. And each mat holds over one liter of fluid Embarrassment leads to lack of self respect. Making a mess makes the dementia patient feel like a burden. The quicker the caregiver can deal with this situation and get the event over with the better. They just want to get back into their bed or chair and make this situation go away. This is why using the Peapod Mat is a practical solution for incontinence.

The Peapod Mats are super EASY TO USE, place on top of the bedding sheets with no tucking or wrapping around the mattress needed! The brushed bottom grips the bedding sheets keeping it exactly where placed. They are soft to sleep on with no crinkle or cold vinyl feel and they are BREATHABLE from top to bottom to prevent skin irritants and night sweats. Eco-Friendly they use TPU waterproofing and are Latex/PVC free. It’s money well spent, they are tested to last 500+ washes and they stand up to frequent laundering – it’s like washing an amazing towel!

These Waterproof Incontinence Mats offer a dignified and manageable solution depending on your needs!

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