Refrigerator Latches

  • Color: Choose from Clear, White or Black for Double Doors
  • Made of high grade durable plastic that is almost impossible to break
  • Easily operated and easily installed
  • Removable by opening the refrigerator doors, gently pry off and wipe off any adhesive residue with olive oil
  • Made in the USA


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Refrigerator Safety Latch

Dangers lurk in the refrigerator, especially for those in the middle and later stages of AD – including glass jars, raw meats, wine and even medications that require refrigeration. Unsupervised visits to the kitchen could spell disaster. This low visible, child-proof refrigerator latch can be installed on both the refrigerator and freezer doors, out of the immediate field of vision, to help deter or limit access.

Keep double refrigerator doors closed with a custom-designed strap and buckle system. The durable rubber strap combines forces with this patented buckle to stop little ones and seniors from accessing dangerous items; as well as preventing over-indulgence!

** Available in clear and white for regular door or drawer refrigerators or black for double door refrigerators.

Note: This product is not returnable

The Refrigerator Safety Latch is a high-strength, plastic safety closure that uses high-bonding adhesive that will not mar refrigerator surface. The removable refrigerator or freezer door lock uses a “latch and hook” design to secure doors and protect from unauthorized or inappropriate access.

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