Talking Watch for Seniors w/ Memory Loss

Helps to answer the question, “What Time is It”? Available in two-sizes!


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Easy-To-See Talking Analogue Watch for Seniors

At the press of a button our watch will speak the time in a clear English voice. Ideal for a visually impaired user. Being radio controlled this watch is highly accurate and sets itself automatically.
Our Pelham large talking watch has gold metal casing with a soft brown croc leather effect strap and gold buckle. The large analog print on the easy-to-see dial is suggested for those with Dementia as many memory loss patients cannot comprehend digital time displays. The time is told in a genuine English voice not in a synthetic or robotic rendition. Quartz Movement.
  • radio controlled: our radio controlled talking watch sets automatically and adjusts itself for daylight savings time against the radio signal and makes necessary time adjustments
  • manual set up option: our radio controlled talking watch can also be set up manually, if you are in an area with poor radio reception or travelling overseas
  • clear English voice: our radio controlled talking watch is easy-to-use and will speak the time in a clear English voice at the press of a button, making it ideal for anyone with visual impairment
  • bold dial: our radio controlled talking watch was specially designed with Ravencourts’ bold dial and hands, which makes it ideal for low vision users
  • optional alarm function: our radio controlled talking watch comes with a easy to use alarm feature, making it perfect for anyone who prefers everything to be in one place
  • sizing: our watch comes in two sizes and can be gender-neutral or specific depending on sizing
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