Getting a Hearing Aid

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If you need hearing aids or want to replace the ones you already have, Deaf Virtual Assistants audiologists will help you find the one that is right for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

A hearing aid evaluation is an opportunity to discuss specific hearing aid options and how they may help your overall communication.

Hearing aid evaluations, services and sales are offered at locations across Balkan. Our evaluation process is designed to be a convenient and easy way to learn about your hearing loss and what related products and services are available to you.

We also offer:

  • Hearing aid maintenance and repair
  • Hearing aid batteries, accessories and maintenance products
  • Custom-made musician’s plugs, swim plugs and noise protection
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How to book a hearing aid evaluation



+383 49 30 90 60

North Macedonia:
+389 78 47 40 40
+383 49 30 90 60

+383 49 30 90 60


Kosovo: Rr. Hajrullah Abdullahu nr.108 1-4  10 000 Prishtine, Kosovë

North Macedonia: Ул. Цветан Димов бр. 48/2-6, Скопје-Чаир, Скопје Str. Cvetan Dimov no. 48/2-6, Skopje-Cair, Skopje

Albania: Rr Idriz Dollaku 1061 Tiranë, Albania

What to do before your appointment

Before you go to your hearing aid evaluation:

  1. Be informed – get as much basic knowledge about hearing aids as possible.
  2. Make a list – outline the key priorities you want to address during your appointment.
  3. Check your coverage – find out if your health insurance offers hearing aid coverage.

What to expect at your appointment

At your hearing aid evaluation we will:

  • Use a person and family centered care approach to ensure we fully understand what you and your family want to accomplish
  • Review your hearing test (audiogram) in detail and answer any questions about your overall communication ability
  • Explain how hearing aids work and how they can improve your hearing and communication
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of hearing aids and communication devices so you can make an informed decision about the option that’s best for you
  • Ask questions about your lifestyle, activity level, communication goals and the type of listening situations you need help in
  • Discuss the variety of hearing aid technologies that match your unique needs and budget
  • Describe hearing aid styles, models, cosmetic preferences and technical characteristics
  • Prescribe the hearing aid that’s best for you from the product lines offered by all major hearing aid manufacturers

Ordering a hearing aid

If you decide to order a hearing aid after your evaluation, we will:

  • Take an impression of your ears, depending on the type of hearing aids ordered
  • Discuss the cost of the hearing aids and help determine if you are eligible for government funding
  • Place your order with the manufacturer

When your new hearing aids arrive, you will need to come back to have them fitted to your ears, learn how to use them and have them assessed to make sure they’re meeting your needs.

Hearing aid fitting and orientation

At your hearing aid fitting, our staff will take all the time you need to make sure you:

  • Understand how to best use your hearing aids
  • Know how to clean and maintain them
  • Are comfortable with the sound quality
  • Gain a realistic understanding of potential benefits and limitations
  • Ensure they’re meeting your amplification needs

Follow-up visits

Virtual care and follow-up

Many hearing aids today can be programmed remotely through virtual platforms. When you receive your new hearing aids from us, we’ll help you get set up so that we can connect virtually to make adjustments if needed in the future. You may find virtual service to be a convenient way to receive service when you’re unable to come to our office.

Annual check-up

We recommend you return to DVA for an annual hearing test and hearing aid check-up. Regular visits help monitor your hearing loss, assess the effectiveness of your hearing aids, and provide strategies for overcoming any challenges you may encounter.

Hearing aid maintenance and repairs

Most hearing aids at DVA come with a three-year warranty. If your hearing aids need servicing or repair, we are equipped to resolve a variety of maintenance issues. If we are unable to repair your hearing aids on-site, we’ll work with the manufacturer to address your issue efficiently and affordably.

Clients who purchase hearing aids at DVA are eligible for our Sound Rewards program and receive savings on hearing aid services, batteries, repairs and communication devices.

Funding for hearing aid purchases

DVA’s Hearing Healthcare team is knowledgeable about funding available for hearing aids and communication devices through various programs. We can help identify if you are eligible for funding and walk you through the application process.

Learn more about funding and financial resources for hearing aids at

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