‘All About Us’ Board Game for Life Stories

Key product details:
  • 1 x large wooden dice
  • 66 x large cards for easier handling
  • Large counters designed for dexterity difficulties
  • 1 x Card tray to hold cards during the game
  • Unlocks personal stories
  • Strengthens personal connections
  • Nurtures mind and body
  • Instructions provided
  • Material: Wood / Cardboard / Foam


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‘All About Us’ – The Life-Storytelling Game from Relish

A first of its kind, our brand-new life-storytelling board game uses conversation as a way of exploring life from childhood through the present and into the future. It invites you or your loved-one to think and talk about who you / they are, life experiences, feelings and values and what you / they have done and want to do, supporting those all-important feelings of identity, independence and sense of purpose, while building closer relationships.

The result of a research and design project to positively affect the wellbeing and confidence of those with Dementia, this wonderful game was produced as a collaboration between the MinD project (led by academics from Manchester Metropolitan University, partnering with the University of Wolverhampton, the NHS and Alzheimer Europe) and Relish, in consultation and review with over 100 people with early to mid-stage Dementia.

It’s a cooperative game, where all players share their stories and explore their life with each other. Play with friends, family, groups or anyone you choose to. ‘All About Us’ is a great memory care facility activity as it can be played in groups and has no set rules!

Designed and researched alongside people with Dementia, this game features bright, contrasting colors, clear recognizable shapes, a large typeface and easy-to-hold cards for those with reduced dexterity.
Playing ‘All About Us’ can help people with Dementia in many ways. Most simply by helping them to connect with, and recall, positive memories. It can also make them feel less lonely, as the game helps spark conversations and so makes it easier for them to enjoy quality time with family, friends and caregivers, across all generations. The game can also boost the morale and self-esteem of someone with Dementia, particularly when other players show genuine interest in their opinions and experiences.
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