Memory Picture Phone – Amplified

  • There are ten frames for 10 pictures of friends and family; one can be used for 911 emergencies
  • Two sets of button covers; one set shows the button digit, the other set is blank to help prevent unwanted dialing
  • Loud ringer with visual ring indicator
  • Up to 40dB hearing amplification
  • Stored numbers retain their memory even when unplugged from phone line or if the power goes out
  • Store key prevents memory button numbers from being accidentally changed or erased
  • Emergency button, which can be disabled if needed
  • One-button or two-button dialing can be set depending on user preference
  • Redial key
  • Flash key for call waiting
  • Line powered
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Desk/wall mount
  • Color: White


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Memory Picture Phone for Seniors

Our 10 Button Corded Picture Phone with amplification will ensure that the person in your life with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can connect with you immediately! In two simple button presses (can also be set for one-button dialing as well), they will be comforted by the voice on the other end of their Memory Picture Phone. Each phone is quipped with an emergency button. Although, if needed, the emergency button can be disabled.

Two sets of buttons covers are included. One set shows the numeral digit to allow any number to be dialed and the other set is blank so that only the photo is shown – which can help prevent unwanted dialing.

Select ‘Add Speakerphone’ if you would like to add a speakerphone button to your phone. Great for hands-free calls and for those with limited hand strength.

Most photo phones require you to press a special button to switch from “number” to “picture” mode. Not the Memory Phone — there are separate buttons for numbers and pictures, so you don’t have to do a thing but press the picture of the person you want to call (or dial the number).

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