Photo Phone w/ Hands-Free Dialing

Technical Specifications:
● Desk or wall mountable
● Tone/Pulse dialing option
● Bright visual ring indicator light
● Removable line connector cord
● Works when the power is out – no power adapter needed
● Product total weight: 1.37 lbs (620g)
● Telephone size (L x W x H) : 7 7/8” x 8” x 3½” (20 x 19.5 x 90 cm)
● 4 earpiece volume levels (Amplifies incoming sound up to 85 decibels)
● 1 ringtone
● 3 ringer volume settings (loud ringer 75+ dB)

*Speaker option is best for dialing assistance only. Not recommended for hands-free calls

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Amplified + Hands-Free Dialing Photo Phone for Seniors
Now making a phone call is simple and stress-free with our SMPL Photo Phone for seniors!

To reach a family member, caregiver, doctor or 911 – simply use the photo buttons or use the extra large keypad numbers to dial. Our Photo Phone by SMPL has a 3-level ringer volume, flashing incoming call light -plus- an adjustable earpiece that has 4 volume levels, making our phone ideal for the hard-of-hearing and for those who wear hearing aids.

Setting up the SMPL Photo Phone couldn’t be – simpler. Insert photos of the those called most using the provided template. No power required as it works off any home phone jack.

Big button keypad
4 earpiece volume levels – up to 23 db louder
Loud ringer volume
Hands-free dialing
Loud ringer volume and visual incoming call flasher
Redial and flash buttons
Hearing aid compatible
Works w/ existing answering machines
No power required
Add the optional ENHANCED handset with volume slider to keep your call volume set

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