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Features of our Senior TV Remote

  • Weight: Size: 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ (shaped to fit the hand)
  • Color: white.
  • Compatibile with DTV converter box
  • Uses three AAA batteries (not included)
  • Will work with almost any TV, cable box or satellite receiver that uses a IR remote control


The SMPL TV Remote is a learning remote which will work with any television, cable box, satellite box or home theater receiver. You can find the model of your TV and cable/satellite box and use that to program the SMPL TV Remote, or put it in “learning mode” and point the device’s own remote at it to teach it the proper codes.

The buttons which control the SMPL TV Remote learning and programming functions are safely hidden under a screw-locked cover, preventing accidental reprogramming of the device.

Can I use this remote with Direct TV?
Yes, the SMPL TV Remote for Seniors can be used on any TV or cable/satellite box. Some Direct TV boxes also have RF receivers, and it those cases you will have to go into the boxes’ menu and make sure IR mode is turned on.


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Easy to Use Senior TV Remote

For the elderly and those who are not comfortable with all the buttons and selections of hi-tech remote controls, our simple and senior friendly remote control is just that – simple! It features 5 buttons for favorite channels and an up/down channel surfing button. The remaining 3 buttons serve simple, easy to understand functions: volume, on-off & mute.

Remember all those other TV remote control buttons that you never use: VCR, Play, RWD, INFO, Last, Exit, etc.? Well, you don’t need them and you won’t find them here!

With the assistance and feedback of many of our customers, this gadget is simply the most programmable large button remote available. This makes it super easy for any TV system, from the most basic TV and cable box system all the way to the most advanced home theater system. There are plenty of optional settings to make your SMPL TV Remote Control work best for the person who will be using it.

is Alzheimer’s TV remote has only:

  • Five blue buttons for 5 FAVORITE CHANNELS;
  • One large, blue (up and down) VOLUME button;
  • One large, blue (up and down) CHANNEL button;
  • One ON-OFF button; and
  • One MUTE button – THAT’S IT!

Works with almost every TV, cable box or satellite service imaginable that uses a standard IR remote control!

What We Like Best About Our SMPL TV Remote for Seniors

You can program the channel up/down button to either scroll through your family member’s five favorite channels or use it to scroll through all the channels. But the bottom line is all those other confusing buttons are gone — making life a whole lot simpler with the SMPL TV Remote!

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