COVI.D. Bands & Bracelets for Caregivers & Residents

Bright and easy-to-see bands & buttons are great for caregivers, memory care facilities, doctors, nurses or for those who are high risk for COVID-19

COVI.D. Bands


100% Recycled Silicone; each packed in biodegradable baggies and shipped in recycled paper shipping materials. Made in the USA

What’s My Size?

Adult – 2.5″ diameter
Adult XL – 2.75″ diameter – also sized for a loose fit or over long sleeves
Junior/Petite – 2.25″ diameter


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The C19 I.D. Project – COVID Wrist Bands & Buttons

The C19 I.D. Project seeks to create a visual language that reminds others to keep their distance or to help remind you that keeping a safe distance will save lives. The COVID ID bands and pins visually indicate:

RED: You are physically distancing or a high-risk person (reminds others to keep their distance).
ESSENTIAL: You are an essential worker or caregiver (keep a distance for the safety of others).
Wearing your social-distancing preference will instantly set your community’s expectations of what you expect of them.
“I’m an essential worker. When you see me, please keep a safe distance”
“I’m a close talker – I need to remind myself & others, 6 feet apart”
The Alzheimer’s Store has partnered with the C19ID Project as we feel that our customers are essential in helping battle the COVID-19 pandemic. By wearing the bands or buttons, and sharing them with your community, senior care / memory care facility, residents, patients and family members is a simple and easy way to identify one’s self.

100% of profits made by the C19ID Project are donated to first responder charities.
Bands & Buttons come in shareable sets of 6 – Choose a size and color.

COVI.D. Buttons


Metal Button with magnetic backer; each packed in individual baggies and shipped in recycled paper shipping materials

How Does it Work?
1″ diameter is easy to see from far away
Magnetic backer safely attaches the button to your shirt, jacket lapel or hat
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