Automatic Wheelchair Rollback Lock

Features of Our Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device
  • easy-to-install
  • made of stainless steel
  • operates automatically when wheelchair user begins to stand
  • initiated by a spring loaded tension device
  • the greater the backward force on the wheelchair, the greater the braking power


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Automatic Wheelchair Anti-Rollback Device

A wheelchair may be the most useful medical device at your disposal, but routine standing and sitting can cause rollback and serious injury. This automatic wheelchair safety device is a very clever, easy-to-install device that AUTOMATICALLY locks the wheels whenever the person stands or sits.

A frequent cause of wheelchair accidents is forgetting to lock the chair’s brakes when the user attempts to sit down or stand. As the patient gets up, a pair of brake arms instantly grabs the tires to prevent the chair from rolling backwards. Once seated, the device is in “stand-by” mode and the wheelchair functions normally.

The automatic anti-rollback device works by spring tension. A padded lever beneath the seat is depressed when the occupant is seated; this lever is connected to a pair of stainless steel brake arms that are held just off the surface of the rear tires. As the occupant’s weight is lifted from the seat, the spring force causes the lever to rotate and lock the wheels. The greater the backward force on the chair, the greater the braking power.

(To move an empty wheelchair, you can always roll it forward freely. The brakes only engage when trying to push it backwards. An override lever also can be activated to release the brakes to move an empty wheelchair more easily.)

What We Like Best About Our Anti-Rollback Device

Who remembers to lock the wheelchair wheels every time the patient stands or sits? It’s only natural to forget once in awhile, and that one time could be the one responsible for a fall. But here’s an anti-rollback device that takes the worry out of the wheelchair – simply, automatically and every time.

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