Simple Call Alert Pendant Kit | SMPL

Help | SOS Call Button Pendant

  • Wear the pendant or keep in a pocket
  • Dimension: Height 2.25 in X Width 1.20
  • Operation range: 250 ft. (75m) in straight line open air; 100-200 ft. (30-60m) in average home
  • Radio frequency: 433.92MHZ 士 200KHZ
  • Operating current: 3uA (standby) 15mA (Transmitting)
  • Operating voltage: 3V DC
  • Battery type: 3V CR2032 button cell battery (included and pre-installed)
  • Low power alert: Yes
  • Waterproof : Water Resistant IP55 (splashes are OK, do not subject to direct spray)
  • Installation gap and height: ≦0.4 inch ≧3.3 feet
  • Working temperature: -20℃ – +55℃
  • Working Humidity: ≦85%


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Remote/Portable Alarm Monitor (pager-like receiver)

  • Parameter: Vibrating/Chime/Alarm/Flashing Red Light receiver
  • Power Source: AAA batteries x 2 (not included)
  • Operating temperature: -15 °C ~ 55 °C
  • Transmission distance: 100m in open air operating (328ft)
  • Operating frequency: 433.92MHZ 士 200KHZ
  • Volume: 25-110dB (Adjustable)
  • Chimes: 50 different chimes and alarms to choose from

Senior SOS Help Pendant w/ Portable Alert Monitor

Wander Alert Alarm Kits by SMPL gives you peace of mind while keeping your loved-one safe!

Caregivers receive an audible, visual and vibrating alert when the ‘Alert’ button is pressed on the call pendant.

Wireless monitor alarms are a preferred solution for elderly care since the portable alarm alerts the caregiver wherever they are in and around the home and does not startle the care recipient. Our portable alarm monitor can be clipped on caregiver’s clothing, put in a pocket or sit near your side on a table or nightstand. Set to ring/buzz/chime, flash and vibrate upon an “Alert”. The alarm monitor is battery operated and effective within 100-250 feet of the pendant.

Our kits are easy to use, do not require internet, Bluetooth, wiring or a HUB (like Alexa), plus NO monitoring fees are required.

Additional SMPL Door Sensors, Motion Detectors and additional HELP | SOS Button Pendants (up to 20 sensors or pendants) can connect with each alarm monitor to expand coverage for increased safety. Additional alarm monitors and kits can be paired for multiple caregivers.

Caregiver and user feedback tell us that they also use the call pendant to monitor areas just in case the user does not have the pendant on them. Place an extra pendant in the bathroom or near the stairs to be sure your loved one can call for assistance with a simple press of a button.

  • Portable and vibrating alarm alerts caregiver wherever they are situated in and around the home within 250 ft. of the pendant
  • WiFi is not required
  • Low cost solution & no monthly fees – utilizing low power consumption Radio Frequency technology
  • Wireless – designed for easy set-up in minutes
  • Additional SMPL Door Sensors, Motion Detectors and Call Button Pendants (up to 20 sensors) can connect with each kit to expand coverage for increased safety

IMPORTANT ORDERING NOTE: Only order the “Additional Door Sensors”, “Additional Motion Detectors”, “Additional Help | SOS Call Button Pendants” or “Additional Alarm Monitor” if you already have one of these kits which includes “1 Call Pendant and 1 Monitor”. You can find options to expand your kit under item #0071.

SIMPLE and Easy to Use
Designed for ease-of-use. Works right out of the box with no set-up or accounts to create. Hear, feel and see 10 seconds of audible, visual and vibrating alerts when someone presses the ‘Alert’ button on the pendant!
Choose from 50 different alert sounds which can be set differently (or the same sound) for each sensor. Alarm alerts caregiver wherever they are ensures you don’t miss a request for help!
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase the kit? Or can I buy it piece-by-piece?A: SMPL Wander Alert products can be purchased in a kit or the sensors and alarm can be purchased separately to expand monitoring points or give alarms to additional caregivers .

Q: How do I control Alarm sounds?

A: You can easily increase the volume or change the alarm melody by following a few easy steps in the User Guide.

Q: How long do the sensor batteries last? Alarm batteries?

A: The Sensor pre-installed batteries last between 6 months and one year, depending on frequency of use. Alarm batteries also last 6-12 months, depending on frequency of use.

Q: What comes in each kit?

A: Each kit contains one monitor (pager that you can take with you), and one pendant call button. Kits are expandable, so you can add up to 20 Add-On’s including additional door sensors, motion detectors and additional SOS | HELP Pendants. You can even purchase additional monitor/pagers so several caregivers in one house or in different rooms can be alerted!

You can find options to expand your kit under item #0071.

What We Like Best about our SMPL Call Alert Pendant

The smpl SOS/Help Pendant Kit is a simple and expandable ‘call’ solution. This smpl kit includes an SOS/Help Pendant and a Pager. Receive Pager alerts when someone presses the Help button when you arer close by, within 250 ft. of the sensors. Whether urgent help is required or they just need assistance, you can be there in seconds.

For example, receive alerts when Pendant button is pressed if a senior falls in the washroom or shower, or if a co-worker needs your help. The Pendant can be worn around the neck, or detach the neck strap and the Pendant becomes a fob, which easily fits in your pocket.

The smpl Pager is portable, clips to a belt or small enough to place in a pocket. The Pager will sound, vibrate and light up, alerting you wherever they are situated in around the home or business. The smpl Safety kit can help prevent seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s from wandering or falling, helps keep children, disabled and visually or hearing impaired persons safer. Also utilized in many business/work/office applications.

The Pager is always with you, so now you don’t have to watch them every minute of the day and spend more time doing what you want to, with peace of mind. smpl Alerts increases safety and independence for everyone involved.

Up to 250 ft. (75m) signal transmission distance in open air (and 100-200 ft. in an average home) from Sensors to Pagers, which is suitable for virtually any home or business. Now you can monitor caregetters/customers wherever you are situated – in another room or office, just outside or at a next-door neighbor. Simply turn off the Pager when monitoring is not required.

This smpl kit is simple to and use. The smpl Pager and SOS/Help Pendant are paired right out of the box. The portable and vibrating Pager can be clipped to a belt, fit in your pocket, or simply placed on a table. The Pager requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.

Additional smpl Sensors and Pagers can be purchased separately to expand coverage. Monitor more doors, cabinets, windows, rooms, hallways, areas or people/customers with Add-On Sensors and Pagers, sold separately or in kits. Up to 20 additional Sensors can be paired to one Pager in a few easy steps. You can set different alert sounds and volume levels for each Sensor, if needed. Additional Add-On portable Pagers (up to 20) can be paired to one sensor to allow for more users.

Bottom line – The smpl Safety Alert system delivers peace of mind. Now when they are about to wander off outdoors, fall in the bathroom, enter an unsafe area, etc. you can be there in seconds to help. No Wi-fi. No fees. No hassle.

*Water Resistant: The smpl Pendant is water resistant- meaning water can splash on it and it will work, but not if immersed in water or if a direct shower spray hits the pendant. This enables the pendant to be hung in the shower, for example. Elderly falls usually occurs in the bathroom, bathtub or shower stall.


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