Electronic Pill Box Dispenser – MedQ

Features of our Programmable Electronic Pill Box Reminder Dispenser – MedQ

  • Programmable for up to two medication times per day
  • Blue or White for two users in the same household
  • Easily removable individual containers
  • Huge internal capacities of 23 Aspirins (325mg ) in each container
  • Oversized fingertip tabs for easy opening
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Anti-Skid bottom pads to prevent accidents
  • The audio alarm grows in Volume for 5 minutes so it can be heard throughout the home.
  • Dimensions: 4” (W) X 1” (H) X 8” (L)
  • Weight: 11 ounces (empty)
  • Low Battery indicator to prevent down time


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Electronic Pill Box Reminder Dispenser – Med-Q

With LED LITE-BOX Technology

“All-In-One” Triple Alarm, Programmable Pill Box with BEEPING Reminders and FLASHING Guides.

As simple as 1-2-3, the MED-Q is an easy, reliable, cost effective medication reminder for the Early and Middle stages of Alzheimer’s

Program Pill taking times and the Loud Beeping Alarm will do the rest

  • The LED- LITE-BOX will only FLASH the container holding the pills that needs to be taken
  • The 5 minute Alarms repeat every 25 minutes until the Pills have Been Taken.
  • A 21st Century Medication Reminder that makes forgetting or double/triple dosing virtually impossible.

The electronic pill box dispenser is offered in Blue and White. The two colors, allows two individuals in the same household to use the system without confusing their medications. The Blue has a single beep reminder, the White has a double beep reminder so two different users will know when it is their time to take their medication.

Finally, the needed “All-In-One” Electronic Pill Dispenser, is not only a MED-Q Pill Box, it is also a Pill Organizer and Pill Dispenser and a Pill Alarm combined in a single safe, reliable easy to use unit. The MED-Q Medication Reminder is a 7 or 14 day Automatic Electronic Pill Reminder that virtually eliminates forgetting double/triple dosing and other medication errors. BEEPING Reminders and FLASHING Guides make this possible. Where else can such a small investment have such a huge impact on your loved ones Health and Independence.

  • Programmable Pill Dispenser, Pill Box, Pill Organizer, Pill Reminder – “All-In-One” simple to use unit
  • Loud AUDIO Alarm & LED FLASHING Guides
  • Makes Forgetting or Over Dosing Virtually impossible
  • Repeats it’s alarms every 25 minutes until the pills are taken. Available in White and Blue

How The Electronic Pill Box Works

Your Choice…..The front row is for AM/First Alert and the back row is for PM/Second Alert, per day, for one full week -OR-The front row is for week one and the back row is for week 2 for 1 alert per day for two weeks. A five minute alarm cycle will REPEAT EVERY THIRTY MINUTES until the medication is taken and the next alert has been activated.

  1. Set the times you want to take your Pills by pressing a couple of buttons on your Pill Dispenser. Set it once and the Pill box’s LED LITE-BOX Technology combined with escalating alarms will repeat its alerts every day at the same exact times to make forgetting or double/triple dosing virtually impossible.
  2. Simply flip open the Pillbox’s lids and place your pills and supplements into the spacious, individual daily boxes. Large Letters for easy viewing will help assure proper filling. The Easy to open oversized finger tip tabs makes loading easy for even the most frail hands. Now you wait for your Pill Dispensers Audio/Visual reminders to alert you.
  3. With MED-Q’s Programmable Pillbox Technology, simply take the pills at the programmed times in the individual daily container which will be flashing with LITE-BOX Technology. The escalating alarm can be heard through out the home. Press the “NEXT ALERT” button and MED-Q will move to the next alert.

Pill Box Beeping Reminder

How does MED-Q Pill Box Dispenser help users to not forget to take their medication? At your individually chosen times the audio alarm will start with a loud, easy to hear beeping.. The volume starts at 50% and grows louder and louder so it can be heard throughout the house. MED-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser repeats its alarms every 30 minutes until the users medication is taken, making forgetting virtually impossible.

Pill Box Flashing Guide

The Bright LED-LITE will start flashing ,in only the individual container , guiding the user to the exact dose at the exact time. By simply taking the medication in the Flashing Box , there is no chance of a mistake. The LITE-BOX Technology takes away the guess work in which pill to take or even worse, double and triple dosing. Flashing Guides means less mistakes and better medication outcomes.

Personalized Pill Box

Set it once and forget it. A the exact times every day the , the alarms will remind and guide. Flashing/Beeping Pill Dispenser reminders means personal Medication Schedules will be kept. Your 5 minute Alarms/Alerts will repeat every thirty minutes until the pills have been taken. The goal is to make sure that medication is taken on time by continuously reminding users until they have taken their pills

Frequently Asked Questions For Electronic Pill Box Users

My parents tell me they don’t need a medication reminder.
The fact of the matter is that 90% of seniors make medication errors. The problem is that no one will admit it. Even those users who are resistant at first, will relay on their MED-Q Pill Box and wonder how they got by without it.

Can you set it for two pills a day?
Absolutely! The front row will flash, holding the morning pill and the back row will flash holding the afternoon/evening pills. Four times a day users require the combo package.

What happens if some one misses their pill time?
MED-Q electronic pill dispenser will continually repeat its alarm/alert cycle every 25 minutes to ensure that the pills are taken as close to the programmed time as possible. If the user is away for a period of time, the alarm/alerts will remind the user upon return and not stop until they have taken their pills.

How many pills does the MED-Q hold?
Each Individual Compartment will hold up to 23 full size aspirins (325 mg) 23 pills X 14. With all the individual Compartments filled, the MED-Q has a capacity of 322 full size aspirins.

What type of Batteries does MED-Q use?
Simple to insert and inexpensive to buy, 2 AA batteries power the MED-Q electronic pillbox. With average use, the battery life is 1 ½ years plus.

Can the MED-Q be used for vitamins and supplements?
The MED-Q is perfect for vitamins’ and supplements. Maximum benefits can be achieved with a consistent daily regiment. No more forgetting and trying to catch up

Do you have to reset MED-Q Pill Box every week?
NO, once set,, the alarms/alerts will repeat at the programmed times until the user changes the times. A pill reminder that you can, Set it and forget it.

How bright is the Flashing Lite-Box?
Bright, The individual RED LED for each compartment has a Lumen of 85 to make mistakes virtually impossible

Is it easy to open the Pill boxes?
Simple!, Specially ergonomically designed finger tip tabs make it easy to open for most hands with out struggling and potential spilling the pills

How loud is the Alarm?
The alarm starts softer (50%) and keeps getting louder and louder. Soft to begin with so it is not startling, loud when completed to ensure the user hears the Audio alarm

Suppose you’re out of the room when the MED-Q alarm sounds?
Well, the Med-Q weekly pill organizer is designed to address that common problem. The five minute alarm will repeat every 25 minutes until the pills are taken. An example of ‘ground up’ design to eliminate forgetting and other errors.

How much does it weigh?
Very light weight for easy handling for even the most frail hands , the MED-Q Pill Box weighs in less than 11 ounces.

ED-Q Programmable Electronic Pill Dispenser is simple to use and easy to handle. . Individual compartments with over sized finger tip tabs for effortless opening. large screen, easily readable lettering and buttons means it’s”easy to use” Every detail has been specifically chosen for simplicity and ease of operation. Finally, a personalized medication companion that eliminates worry, stress and wondering.

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