SafePresence Replacement Sensor Pads

When used with the (item #0389 and/or item #0390), these sensor pads provide additional monitoring capability to help alert a caregiver when a patient exits a bed or a chair.


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Sensor Pad Replacements

The SafePresence® and The SAFENBED™ Alert System Replacement Sensor Pads and Mats are for use with the SafePresence™ 200 for Falls, Wandering and Communication (Product Code 0389) and with The SAFENBED™ Alert System (Product Code 0390).

Choose the bed sensor pad for monitoring when a patient exits a bed. The chair sensor pad is designed for use in a chair and the Treadnought floor sensor mat is used to send an alert when a person steps on it. Our sensor mats are durable and made with quality materials. They are rated for one year of use.

Bed Pad – $79.95
Chair Pad – $49.95
Floor Mat – $180.00

In the event of a fall or when help is needed before the patient tries to get out of bed two way communication is critical, “Don’t get out of bed Mom, I’m on my way to help you.” No other monitor that we have found provides this very important feature. It will also notify you if and when you are out of range or the battery is getting low. These are the replacement pads for those monitoring units which you can find under our item #s 0389 and 0390.

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