Alerta Patch Wandering Alarm + Receiver

Features of our Alerta Patch System

  • Long lasting patch to be worn on the upper back
  • Gentle patch adhesive made for sensitive skin
  • Patches are paired with the receiver monitor – each patch can last up to one month
  • Long lasting batteries allow the monitor to be continuously on for up to one year

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Alerta Patch and Alarm Receiver | Proximity Wandering Monitor for Dementia

Easy-to-use and long-lasting patch to be worn on the back – Helps Keep Loved-Ones Safe!


  • Monitor a loved-one if they wander too far
  • Low-tech patch and receiver that does not require WiFi, service plans or GPS
  • Keeps the care recipient safer; brings peace-of-mind to a family caregiver
  • Frees the family caregiver to tend to household tasks, while caring for a loved-one at home


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