GPS Smart Sole Tracking Solution

Security Through Knowledge.
Caregivers have less stress knowing where their elderly loved one is all the time.. You can even set-up alerts to be notified if a loved one leaves a certain area or parameter. Children can also be tracked.
Relax as alerts will notify you if the user leaves a preset area or parameter.
Detailed reports shows past location/activity history.
Create a geo-fence for real-time alerts.


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Configure. Locate. Any Device.
There are mobile apps that can run on Android and IOS phones and tablets. They are accessible through any browser on your computer. You can even call the SmartSoles from a smart phone and it will send a text with a link to Google maps.
Android. iOS.
Web based portal for viewing in web browser.
Track multiple pairs of SmartSoles.
Simple. Comfortable.
Our GPS SmartSoles don’t require users to remember to carry a separate device, nor suffer a stigma from “lock-on” bracelets or trackers. They fit right into most shoes and feel no different than normal off-the-shelf in-soles you’d find at your local drug store.
Battery lasts for 2-3 days during normal use.
Fits nearly any shoe size.
Durable design, comfortable fit.
Always on, no hassle.

GPS Smart Sole – Wandering Prevention

This new wandering, tracking device is similar to an orthotic that slides into any size shoe. It contains a tiny GPS tracking element centered into the pad. It runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts 2-3 days. The pads last up to 30 months depending on normal wear and use.

The Senior may not realize that the patented GPS SmartSole™ are in the shoes while they are being tracked from a central monitoring web site. The central station is tracking the exact location of the wearer. It uses cellular and satellite technology. Once the GPS device is activated, you are able to monitor the location of the user right from your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Includes: One pair of insoles; Wireless charger; Geozone for real-time alerts; Free Tracking App for iOS & Android.

GPS SmartSoles can be used for all seniors, elderly and children that are at risk of wandering. It gives the caregiver peace of mind that they can easily locate their loved one.
Tracking Is Discreet
•Since the SmartSoles are hidden in the shoes, no one is aware that
there is monitoring going on.
• No need for embarrassment.
Easy Mapping
• The caregiver can track their Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss patient with a mobile phone that receives a text message as to their latest location.
• There is also an online mapping portal and smart locator app.
Large Service Area
• Throughout the US wherever T Mobile GSM tracking service is available.
• The battery life is 2-3 days of normal use. We recommend charging at night.
Customize Your SmartSoles
• Alerts can be preset to notify the caregiver when the user is about to leave a prescribed area now known as a geo-zone.
• Low battery and power on alerts can also be set.
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