Door Guardian Confounding Lock w/ Key

Help prevent wandering with an Easy-to-Install confounding door lock with optional key for additional security!

  • Finish: White
  • Can be installed on a wood or metal frame
  • Key is optional and provides a secondary form of security
  • Comes with 3M VHB tape and includes screws for extra strength
  • 1.74″ wide x 0.53″ deep


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Confounding Door Lock – Wandering Prevention

Our ingenious and strong Alzheimer’s door lock has an optional key and does not look like a lock. It opens by sliding the inner tab to disengage the locking mechanism. The optional key can be used to reveal the locking mechanism as a second layer of security. Caregivers can unlock the confounding door lock easily, but persons with dementia (who does not know the trick) can try for hours with no success.

This Alzheimer’s safety device works on doors that swing inward and outward. It’s easy to install for any handy person, requiring only a few screws (provided) or it can be installed with super strong 3M VHB adhesive strips (provided). It can be installed on a wood or a metal frame.

Not recommended for use on exit doors – for safety reasons. Lock access only from inside.

Recommendation: When using this lock to deny access for people with dementia, locate the Confounding Door Lock either exceptionally high or exceptionally low – where one would not expect to find a lock. The combination of an unusual appearance and unusual location will aid in disguising the device. The optional key can also be used and is inserted into the lock to have a second layer of safety.

Door Swings IN
 – Typically a front or exterior door, staircase door or closet door that you have to pull towards you

Door Swings OUT – Typically a bedroom or bathroom door that you need to push to open

This clever senior security device does not look like a lock or operate like a lock, but it does prevent the door from opening. And for persons in the middle and later stages of dementia, unable or unaware of the “trick” to open the lock, it provides an effective means of hindering or delaying them from opening the door. Easy-to-install and comes with an optional key for additional security.

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