Day of the Week Clock

Makes a great gift for someone who has trouble reading and understanding time!

Features of our Day Clock
  • 9.5” solid wood frame with glass cover
  • Markers indicate midnight and noon each day
  • Designed to be easily read from across the room
  • Battery operated, quiet operation
  • No assembly required, easy to install
  • AA Battery not included


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Any clock can tell you the time, but a Day of the Week Clock also tells you what day it is. The patented design divides the face of the clock into 7 equal pie shaped sections, one for each day of the week. The day hand moves continuously making a complete revolution every 168 hours or once a week. The lines dividing the days indicates midnight. The arrow above each day indicates noon. Halfway between the arrow and each line indicates 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.. The day hand moves 2.14 degrees every hour. Each pie shaped section is 51.43 degrees.

Life with Alzheimer’s is not abundant with “success” stories, in fact, corrections abound and uncertainty flourishes. To know something even as simple as what day it is or to know where to independently find out this information is valuable, important and empowering. It can also serve as a daily routine, a landmark and a subtle cue, assuring the resident that if he or she passes the Day of the Week Clock en route to the dining room, they are headed in the right direction.

Not the traditional clock, this one has no numbers. The face of the clock is divided into seven segments, each representing a day of the week. The single “day hand” goes around slowly to point to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. – one full rotation equals one week.

Use it as a gentle reminder for those who have difficulty keeping track of the day of the week, as a guiding feature in a facility, and as an interesting and intriguing decoration in the living room, at the nurse’s station, or in a daycare setting. Quite the practical and unique time piece, with extra benefits for those with a little “day of the week” forgetfulness.

The Day Clock for senior citizens is a great new idea in gift giving. It’s the perfect gift for a retired person. Not only will it be a conversation piece and a fun gift to receive, it provides great functionality for those on the road or on a “retired” schedule.

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