Emergency Pendant Telephone – Additional Wall Mounted Speaker

> When pressed the button activates a telephone dialer that will call up to five people and deliver a pre-recorded message. If no one answers, the fifth number can be 911.
> No monthly fees.
> Pendant size: 2-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ , wt. 2 oz. (Lanyard included)


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Additional Wall Mounted Speaker Microphone

There’s always a need for an additional Wall Mounted Speaker Microphone to the Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer. The Emergency Pendant Telephone Dialer allows you to purchase additional wall-mounted units for locations in the home where falls or accidents might occur – the bathroom and kitchen, for example. If you do not happen to have your medical alert pendant on at the time of the fall, you can always press the wall mounted emergency call button and the telephone call is made and you can speak right into the wall speaker and microphone.

There are a few things that we like about this product but most of all, we love the fact that you do not have to be at the telephone to make the emergency call. This medical alert pendant dials the phone number and allows you to speak to the person on the other end no matter where you are – on the floor in the bathroom, in the back yard, wherever!

Secondly, the sound quality is very good, even 600 feet away. We were truly amazed by this feature. The medical alert pendant is lightweight, easy to use and has a very good range – again up to 600 feet. This emergency call button is water resistant – however, do not submerge or expose to water continuously. Last but not least, it works well.

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