Fall Prevention Alarm

The Magnetic Fall Prevention Alarm also comes with a built-in clip, making it easy to attach to a:
> bed head board or safety rail
> wheelchair
> chair arm or seat back Alarm


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> Weight: 5 ounces
> Color: Ivory
> Loudness: 95 Db
> Cord is adjustable from 17″ to 30″
> Operates using a single 9 volt battery (included)

Fall Prevention Alarm For Seniors

Are you worried about falls? Take action before the fall happens. The Fall Prevention Alarm instantly alerts the caregiver of any attempt to get up from a chair or wheelchair.

This high-quality fall prevention alarm is different from others because, instead of relying on a pin being pulled out of its socket to set off the alarm, it uses a magnetic contact. The cord is adjustable for either wheelchair or bed mounting (18”-32”). The custom stainless steel clip is designed to mount to chair frame, chair back, bed rail or headboard.

Why is a magnetic Fall Prevention Alarm important? Because pin inserts must be pulled in a single, specific direction (usually down) to set off the alarm. A tug coming from the wrong way will just pull the alligator clip (on the end of the string) off the patient’s clothing, without setting off the alarm. A magnetic contact will respond to a tug in any direction.

Up until now, most fall prevention alarms have been activated by a pin that was pulled out of a hole in the base unit, much like the earphone connection to your IPhone or pocket radio. This works when the tug comes from only one direction and must be very direct. This Fall Prevention alarm operates when a tug is applied to a magnetic contact, allowing it to respond to a tug from any direction. That makes it much more responsive and much more reliable.

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