Wander Alarm: Door Monitor w/ Plug-In Alarm

Plug-In Alarm Monitor (receiver)

Parameter: Chime/Alarm/Flashing Light receiver
Power Source: Standard AC Wall Outlet
Transmission distance: 250 ft in open air
Volume: Adjustable
Chimes: Different chimes and alarms to choose from

Door Sensor (transmitter)

Operation range: 250 ft in open air
Battery: Included
Waterproof (Yes or No): No
Sensors might not work on all metal doors/metal frames. A wood block can be used to offset the sensors so that the metal does not interfere with the magnets in the sensors if needed.


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Alzheimer’s Plug In Wall Alarm for Wandering

Wander Alert Alarm Kits by SMPL gives you peace of mind while keeping your loved-one safe!

Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can pose many significant challenges, and safety is always a high priority. While personal monitoring around the clock might seem impossible, the sophisticated range of monitors and alarms at the Alzheimer’s Store can help you keep your family member safe 24-hours of the day, seven-days-a-week. Our remote alarm comes with a high-performance transmitter and plug-in wall receiver that can be customized to monitor interior or exterior doors, depending on your individual requirements.

How Our Wandering Prevention Alarm Works:

When a monitored door is opened the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver/alarm that plugs into any standard AC wall outlet in your bedroom, kitchen, den, etc. You can use the set to guard one door or buy extra transmitters to secure more doors. Additional wireless receivers/motion detectors/SOS Pendants and plug-in alarms can also be purchased separately and placed in different areas of the house to add extra assurance that no alert will go unheard. All components can be paired together to work with your home or care facility!

Our kits are easy to install, do not require internet, Bluetooth, wiring or a HUB (like Alexa), plus NO monitoring fees are required.

Additional SMPL Door Sensors, Motion Detectors and even HELP | SOS Button Pendants (up to 20 sensors) can connect with each alarm monitor to expand coverage for increased safety. Additional alarm monitors and kits can be paired for multiple caregivers.

Caregiver and user feedback tell us that they also use the kits to monitor the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. If a loved one goes into a cabinet (perhaps at night when the caregiver is asleep) the alarm instantly and unmistakably alerts the caregiver.

  • This kit is comes with one door sensor – more sensors can be added for complete home monitoring
  • Plug-In alarm alerts caregiver wherever they are situated in and around the home within 250 ft. of sensors
  • Wi-Fi is not required
  • Low cost solution & no monthly fees – utilizing low power consumption Radio Frequency technology
  • Wireless and Plug-In Components – designed for easy set-up in minutes
  • Additional SMPL Door Sensors, Motion Detectors, Battery Operated Alarms and Call Button Pendants (up to 20 sensors) can connect with each (or additional) Alarms to expand coverage for increased safety can be found HERE

Caregiver Tip: Use on kitchen and bathroom doors to monitor food and medicine that can be abused. On an exit door, use the door alarm in conjunction with a confounding lock for extra assurance (shop locks HERE).

IMPORTANT ORDERING NOTE: If you already have one of our SMPL kits or sets, you can find options to expand your kit under item #0071.

What We Like Best about our SMPL Alarms

The door alarm and kits will work on exit doors, cabinet doors, windows, closet doors or doors leading to dangerous areas of the home, such as the pool, basement or attic. The alarm unit does not necessarily sound at the site of violation (at the door), it can be plugged in where it needs to be – where the caregiver is.

It provides comfortable (not deafening) electrical tones (for both the chime and alarm). The remote alarm plugs right into the wall – no adapter or electrical cord required. The unit is wireless which means it requires no wires or electrician to install it. The system is expandable – add more door monitors (transmitters) or alarms (receivers) and they will all work together!


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