Fiddle Activity Hand Muffs

Features of our Fiddle-Twiddle Hand Muff

Muffs have proved popular and beneficial in the care of the elderly including those with dementia. They are well made and washable.


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Fiddle Hand Muff for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Patients

Fiddle HAND Muffs are a type of sensory band, generally a pocket or glove with attachments both inside and out. The attachments are a variety of items that patients can twiddle and fiddle with their fingers. Twiddling and fiddling provides a soothing sensation for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, calmed by them having something to do with their hands and offering a great physical activity for both dexterity and memory.

When you see a man playing with his belt or the end of his neck tie you know he would enjoy a Fiddle Hand Muff. Or a lady siting with her hand bag in her lap and her fingers in a constant motion on the straps of the bag, she to is in need of a Fiddle Hand Muff. There are times at dementia memory care units that the patient is just sitting alone in a rocking chair or recliner. When their hands are inside a Fiddle Hand Muff they are busy. They think they are busy and they believe that those that are walking bye believe they are busy. They do not feel alone, abandoned or self-conscious while they are doing nothing.

Our Fiddle is basically a muff that goes on someone’s (generally with dementia) lap and they can put their hands inside to keep them warm or finger fiddle the various attached items.

The soft, warm fabric is irresistibly tactile and made all the more interesting with attractive colors and multiple additional features that keep fingers warm, exercised and relieve restlessness. People become attached to their Fiddle-Twiddle Muff and it’s quite common for them to be given names and even acquire a personality for the user.

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