One Button Radio

  • Overall radio dimensions: 11.75 W x 7.25 L x 6.25 H.
  • Front panel is removed to set up radio
  • USB audio option
  • Front panel remains removed if using a USB drive.
  • Can also be used with (6) 1.5v ‘C’ batteries


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One Button Radio For The Elderly

The ONE BUTTON RADIO, for seniors and those on the spectrum with a dementia, is designed to be old fashion looking with a deep walnut style colored cover. This AM/FM Radio has been specially designed for the elderly and those with trembling hands (in the case of Parkinson’s) or poor eyesight. It can be controlled by one button after it is easily set up by a caregiver. Those with poor dexterity no longer have to be frustrated.

This easy to set up right out of the box radio, comes with clear instructions and can use back up batteries when not plugged in for an interval of time.

The front panel is easily removed for the caregiver to select the preferred station and set the volume. The control buttons can then be removed and stored in a compartment in the back of the device to avoid any tampering.

With the ONE BUTTON RADIO FOR THE ELDERLY, the user just presses one button to turn it on and off. NO Hassles, no fuss…

In addition to the radio supplied music, additional music can be downloaded using a USB flash drive in a MP3 file format.

The One Button Radio is a new innovation designed to offer an easy way to listen to your favorite radio stations without the hassle of constantly returning and changing the volume. Perfect for those who have their favorite station on all day, every day, or for those who find product controls difficult or confusing. We find that this is a great help to those with memory problems or dementia, dexterity problems or for those with visual impairments.

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