Pill Box Dispenser – Med-e-lert

Features of Our Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

  • Dispenses medication up to four times daily
  • 28 Compartments that can hold up to 18 aspirin sized pills
  • Compartment size is 20% larger than other automatic pill dispensers
  • Completely portable
  • Ideal for in-home use, or by caregivers in a caregiving facility
  • Tamper-proof locking system helps reduce over-dosing
  • Alarm: LOUD SOUND + Blinking Light when it is time to take medication
  • Low battery Alarm – Batteries Included – 12 Month Warranty



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Med-E-Lert – Pill Box Dispenser

Med-e-lert helps to ensure that medications are taken properly and on time! This fully automatic pill box dispenser is easy to setup and simple to use.

The Med-E-Lert is a pill dispenser, organizer and alarm all in one unit. Since there are 28 compartments it can handle up to 28 days of dosage. This can be prescription medications,vitamin supplements or over the counter products. A caregiver could even put a reminder note or a treat like candy in the compartment.

There are no pill boxes to remove or lids to open. When the caregiver’s pre-set time for the patient to take the medication comes the carousel rotates to the next compartment.The user just tips it over and the pills will slide out into their hand. An alarm will sound and a light will flash for 30 minutes till the pills are removed. This medication safety product eliminates double dosing or other medication errors. Keeping your loved one or patient safe and independent is all part of great caregiving. The independence can create a feeling of self esteem and not being a burden.

Frequently Asked Questions For Med-E-Lert Pill Box Users

How does the Med-E-Lert work.
Watch the video on this page for a full explanation.

Can you set it for two times a day?
YES- It will rotate to the next time and day set.You can set it for 28 times in one day if you choose to.

How many pills does it hold?
There are 28 compartment and each one can hold up to 18 aspirin sized pills.

What type of Batteries does MED-E-Lert use?
Simple to insert and inexpensive to buy, 4 AA batteries power the MED-E-Lert electronic pillbox. With average use, the battery life is 1 ½ years plus.

Can the MED-E-Lert be used for vitamins and supplements?
The MED-E-Lert is perfect for vitamins’ and supplements. Maximum benefits can be achieved with a consistent daily regiment. No more forgetting and trying to catch up

How does the patient know when to take a pill?
There is a sound alarm and a flashing light that stays on for 30 minutes or until it is turned off.It will signal again at the next preset time.

Is the Med-E-lert pill box portable?
Yes, it is battery operated and batteries are included.

Can it be used for any type of pills?
Yes,it can be used for anything that fits into the compartment.

Do you have to set it every week?
No, you have a 28 compartment rotation which gives you more flexibility with scheduling doses. Med-E-Lert pill dispenser has up to 6 daily alarms.

How much does it weigh?
It is 9 inches in diameter and weighs less than a pound

Med-e-lert is an excellent medication management tool for individuals with dementia or memory loss. Great for individuals with mental or visual impairments, or those with complicated medication regimens.

At programmed times, the alarm sounds and a blinking light alerts the users for up to 30 minutes when medication needs to be taken. After 30 minutes or when the pill dispenser is tilted to dispense the pills, the alarm will stop.

Med-e-lert is your dedicated personal medication manager, offering convenient, safe dispensing of daily medications.

Notice: this case is made of durable plastic & it does have a key lock, but with enough force it can be broken into. Do not purchase this unit if the person using it is known to abuse his or her medications.

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