Stove Fire Prevention by FireAvert

Features of the Fire Avert – Stove Fire Prevention

Maintenance Free
No batteries and maintenance free. Fits in the void space behind stove.

Electrical Current Detection causes activation only when stove is on and smoke alarm sounds

Reusable with a 25 year expected life. Resets at the electrical panel.

Power Plugs Support
3 and 4 prong electrical configurations available.

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Features of the Fire Avert – Stove Fire Prevention

Gas Stove Support
Works with all natural gas stoves. Installs in 10 minutes w/ NO professional skills needed.
The FireAvert will not work on propane gas stoves.

Audiable Indication
Audible indication of FireAvert sync with smoke alarm.

Light Indication
Light indicates number of times activated.

Pigtail Extension Cords Available
If your power outlet for your electric stove is high on the wall, consider getting a pigtail extension cord so that FireAvert can lay on the floor.

Electric & Gas Stove Fire Prevention – Fire Avert

The FireAvert Stove Fire Prevention as seen on Shark Tank is plug-in ready. Your home will be protected from stove fires in minutes by simply plugging it into the back of your stove. There is always smoke before fire. This is why this fire deterrent is activated by your smoke alarm, cutting the power to your stove and oven before there is a flame. Unattended cooking ranges are the #1 cause of home fires in the US, this safety fire device helps prevent you from being another statistic.

This FireAvert device protects your home from stove fires day and night! The best way to prevent or stop a stove fire is by simply turning off the stove before there is any fire, and that is exactly what the stove fire prevention plugin does. The fire bypass intelligently turns off the stove before there is any fire. The FireAvert is continually monitoring for the sound of your smoke alarm. When your smoke alarm sounds from food left on the stove, FireAvert will turn off the stove before there is any fire. This concept has been tested and proven by professionals around the country for being the best way to prevent or stop a stove fire.

FireAvert Stove Fire Prevention unit can be reset by flipping the breaker in your electrical panel off and back on again. Once the device is installed, you never again have to pull the stove out. The FireAvert is also maintenance free with no batteries.

The FireAvert device is smart enough to distinguish between kids screaming, loud music, kid toys, or any other sound. Only the true sound of your smoke alarm will trip the stove fire prevention device and It can be used over and over again. You never have to recharge or refill it!

Select which FireAvert is right for your stove – 3-Prong, 4-Prong Electric (w/ or w/o pigtail extensions*) or Gas Stove!

The Fire Avert stove prevention device was made and designed by firefighters. Saving lives and homes is what this fire safety device is about.

Firefighter Peter Thorpe created a solution to stop stove fires after years of fighting fires that were caused by unattended ranges. Here is his story: “En route to a fire I could see the header of smoke on the horizon. On arrival we found a large apartment complex with smoke bellowing from the structure and occupants fleeing for safety. As we pulled our hoses and forced open the door with the ax, flames and black smoke rolled out of the doorway. Tenants in nearby apartments were coughing as they fled their homes for safety. They watched helplessly as the fire spread towards their apartments. Like many other apartment fires, this tragedy was caused by unattended cooking.

It was a scene like this that was the motivation to find a solution to prevent stove fires. The Fire Avert (As Seen on Shark Tank) will automatically shut off the stove in the event that smoke is detected so you don’t have to worry about your home and possessions going up in flames.

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